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Since arriving in 1983, the Sidhu family began to work a number of jobs. The food industry was very kind to them and an idea began to take place in 1985. With a bit of luck and some hard work, the butcher shop idea came into fruition in 1987 as Richmond Meats in Richmond.

Richmond Meats eventually became known as A&S Meats and Poultry. A&S Meats and Poultry served the local community and also started to wholesale to local grocery stores and restaurants. A&S Meats would move to Surrey in 1991 and continue to provide retail and wholesale services.

In 2005, A&S Meats and Poultry shut down their retail operation to lessen their workload and spend more time with family while improving their wholesale operation. Till this day, A&S Meats and Poultry continues to provide quality products, on-time delivery and trust to their customers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and community interest, A&S Meats and Poultry has decided to go back to its roots and initiate their retail operation again to serve the local community. Butcher’s Guild will be a rejuvenated look that includes the foundations of the A&S Meats and Poultry retail shop while embarking on new ventures to help nearby residents with their meat, poultry and seafood purchases.

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Butcher’s Guild (A&S Meats and Poultry) is committed to providing professional service and high-quality products in a friendly environment for customers looking for higher standards when it comes to meat production and service.

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We are always looking for new energetic and committed people to add to our team. We offer competitive wages and a fun workplace environment where employees can learn many skills.