Our Mission

Butcher’s Guild (A&S Meats and Poultry) is committed to providing professional service and high-quality products in a friendly environment for customers looking for higher standards when it comes to meat production and service.

Core Values

“Family, quality, honesty, innovation & empowerment”

Providing customers with the best quality of meat and seafood products, treating customers and employees with the utmost honesty with their food products, innovating new recipes or ways to bring new products to satisfy all customer needs.

Product Quality

We believe in doing a select few products and flavours. This is to ensure we create the best product as we only focus on a few items and making them as tasty as we can.

Company History and Ownership

The Sidhu family immigrated to Canada in 1983 looking to create a better life. The family consisted of two brothers, three sisters and two parents. As with most immigrants, they were limited in their education and work experience and started off by working labour jobs that included driving a taxi and working as dishwashers. One company founder, Arvinderjit (Arvinder) Sidhu, began to work in the food industry, gaining priceless knowledge. In 1985, one of our other founders, Karanvir (Karan), worked for a local butcher and gained much experience. After understanding some of the butcher business, he partnered with brother Arvinder and Raman Aujla in 1987 and bought out a butcher shop called Richmond Meats in Richmond. They changed the shop’s name to A&S Meats and Poultry, the A&S part a combination of their last names (Aujla and Sidhu). Their whole family started to contribute to the business including father, Bhagat.

They catered to the local Indo-Canadian community by providing marinated meats and poultry. They were the first butcher shop to offer Tandoori chicken. As the company grew successful, a small wholesale operation was implemented to help local restaurants and grocery stores in the Richmond and Vancouver regions. As Raman Aujla got older, he was open to a buyout as long as his name was kept in the business and A&S Meats and Poultry was kept. The brothers saw opportunity in Surrey, BC and decided to move there in 1991.

The business was relocated to Unit 105, 12827 76 Avenue, Surrey. This is the same location it exists in today. The larger location allowed them to grow their wholesale operation. The wholesale operation was now supplying local restaurants, grocery stores, butcher shops, banquet halls and many other businesses in the Lower Mainland. Their main goal was to provide businesses high-quality products and great service. Over the years, as the wholesale operation grew, the brothers and family decided to close the retail portion of the business in 2005. This was to lessen the workload and spend more time with their children and families.

What started out as four employees in a retail shop, has grown to over twenty employees and a booming wholesale operation. Still family owned and operated, the wholesale operation offers products to all customers from Squamish to Hope. A&S Meats and Poultry is still providing quality products, on-time delivery and trust to their customers as they have since 1987.

Now, as the children have all grown up and started helping in the business, the family has decided to bring back the retail shop under a new name, Butcher’s Guild. Butcher’s Guild will provide customers high quality products with a great customer service. Customers looking for higher standards when it comes to their food will enjoy our shop. Our shop has products such as poultry, beef, lamb, goat,pork, and seafood. These products come in unique marinades and sauces and are only exclusive to Butcher’s Guild.